Corner Piece 2016 Satisfaction Survey

Corner Piece continuously strives to identify the best and most effective ways to serve our clients. We value our reputation for excellence in providing fast and long-lasting results. As part of the ongoing process of making our services even better, we use feedback surveys on a regular basis to make any necessary adjustments to our processes, services and treatment methods, and to identify how we can better serve the community and the families with which we work.

Our most recent feedback survey was conducted in May 2016, the results of which are set forth below. We are very proud of the positive response and comments received in this service and have already begun using the feedback to make positive changes in our company and the services we provide.

Our feedback survey covered the following areas:
1.Therapist Professionalism
2. Supervisor (BCBA/BCaBA) Professionalism
3. Satisfaction of Services
4. Effectiveness of Services
Each area was measured by a quantified scale tied as closely to observable behaviors as possible as a way of increasing the objectivity of the results.

Both Therapist and Supervisor Professionalism Scores were collected using the following quantified scale:
5- Always (5/5 times)
4- Usually (4/5 times)
3- Sometimes (3/5 times)
2- Seldom (2/5 times)
1- Never (0/5 times)

Client Logo

Client Logo

Not only are our staff true experts at what they do, they are highly caring individuals. This helps them understand what each family is going through, therefore, they can be more sensitive to each family's own unique needs. Understanding the individual and family dynamics helps us to design for a program and work toward results that are going to be meaningful and important to that client and family. We know no two people are the same so no two programs are either.

Corner Piece is very proud of the high scores across the board in the professionalism categories and will continue to work to get 5’s in all categories.
This type of professionalism is what you can expect when you use the services of Corner Piece!

Satisfaction with Services:
Satisfaction can often be difficult thing to measure and quantify, yet we believe that it is critical to determine how well we are serving our clients, and how we can improve upon our services. To measure client satisfaction, we asked families to answer the following questions using a scale matched to specific behaviors.

Based off of Corner Piece LLC services and interactions over the past 6 months rate the following:
5-Very Satisfied, would or have recommended others to use Corner Piece services
4-Satisfied- I have had more positive than negative experiences
3-Neutral- I have had positive and negative experiences with this
2-Dissatisfied- I have had more negative than positive experiences
1-Very Dissatisfied, would or have recommended others not to use Corner Piece services

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These questions were posed in reference to each of the following:
Direct Therapy and individualized programming
Parent training and Communication

Coordination with other service providers (School, speech, OT, PT, other services) with consent
Range of services provided
Billing and Insurance support
Effectiveness of the services
Cost of services
My therapists

The strength and consistency of the scores reflects how important it is to Corner Piece to provide affordable, timely and effective treatment to our client families. Our professional, caring staff is trained to provide training that produces significant results for
your child, and we are confident that, as a new client, you will be pleased with our services.

Effectiveness of Services:
As Applied Behavior Analysis is a data driven field, we are continuing to develop ways of measuring how effective our services are at Corner Piece. Future measures may include additional information regarding the results of programming across different areas as well as parent feedback.

Effectiveness of behavioral services are evidenced by changes in behavior. The following scale was used to determine the observed change in behaviors.
1-Decreased Significantly
2-Decreased slightly
3-No change noticed
4-Increased slightly
5-Increased Significantly

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*It should be noted that a score of 1, indicating a significant decrease in Problem Behavior would be the best score possible for that area, and that 5, Increased significantly, would be the best score possible in the other areas.

We use only the methods that have been scientifically-proven to produce outstanding results. The methods of Applied Behavior Analysis have been clinically proven to be the most effective method known to teach and treat individuals who have learning and/or behavioral disorders. Corner Piece takes pride in the multiple levels of support that are collaboratively monitoring and evaluating programs to enhance the effectiveness of each individual program to optimize the results for each individual client.

Become a Part of the Satisfied Corner Piece Family!

As a result of our satisfaction survey We can say that we received an overall average satisfaction rating of 4.75 out of 5 across all elements of our services. Indicating that they are more than satisfied with the services and we are striving to continually improve! In addition, our current and former clients frequently refer other children and families to us. This is the ultimate compliment any client can give us and we are very proud of the large number of families referred to Corner Piece by current or former clients!

Once you have become a client of Corner Piece and part of our extended family, we look forward to providing you with the opportunity to provide feedback that will help us continue to improve our processes and implement changes that will help our clients and the community. This feedback from the families we service is powerful and valuable to our company, and we appreciate the opportunity to share this information with others.

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